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School, tennis, and a game!

And so, school shall begin in 2 days...*cries* Oh well, gotta prepare.

Oh, and I made the Tennis Team. Turns out there was no 2nd cut xD Now...we have a game tomorrow. My sister's going to play singles ^^; I just wonder if I'll be in Doubles...possibly, possibly not.

If I just posted an entry with those two paragraphs, that would be pointless. So! To lengthen this entry so it has more point, I did...no, NOT a meme this time, but....

...screencap a Prince of Tennis game.

So my sister got a version of Stylish Silver where ALL the characters were unlocked. It would be fun to play different characters instead of figuring out how to unlock them, right?

I decided to screencap a doubles game. IMAGE HEAVY W/ 43 PICTURES. Let's get it on.

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Just a small update

Nothing much is happening here. Basically, the only things happening are vacation (which is half over), studying, running sasuke_icontest and tenipuri_hush (I'm thinking about hiring a comod...), and sleeping.

My Social Studies final is on June 7th-8th, so I'm studying like mad. I'm going to be tested on EVERYTHING that I have learned this year. Oh well, it's not like the 8th grade Social Studies final, where they test you on EVERYTHING you've learned from both 7th AND 8th grade!

It's actually a little less than 2 months away. My birthday, July 25! I already feel old, and I'm only going to be turning 13. Heh, I wonder what I'll feel like when I'm (finally) a teen. I wonder what life'll be like!

It was a quick update...I'm tired now, so I feel like sleeping XD

(I only changed the header on my layout. It features, yes, Shishido Ryo and Ohtori Choutarou from, yes, Prince of Tennis. And my Userinfo features Shishido-san! I got the "No Rock...No Life" quote from a Bleach fanart...but I don't know the originial source of that quote. Does anyone know?


Geki Dasa Daze



Just a post to keep all my lovely lovebars!

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More will be added :)



I get to stay home from school today, since I have a pretty bad sore throat, with an added fever. Lucky me XD

I'm sorry if I haven't been replying to people's journals. LJ's being annoying, not letting me see your updates. I'm very sorry.

I really need to get back into graphics (I had to quit my Outer Senshi 100 icon claim. It was too much to handle). I've been lagging on it so much, that I decided to do a 10variations claim on the one, the only...ATOBE KEIGO!!! (I thought I needed to make some icons not for my Inuzuka Kiba 100 icon claim.) I just love how he says "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoina!" (Be awed at the sight of my prowess!) I just had to do a claim on him!

Yes, you may have noticed...I switched layouts! It features the lovely Kikumaru Eiji from TeniPuri! Yay! (Although I had to switch back to a free account in order for the layout to work...I didn't want to find a layout that would work with a Plus account...maybe I'll do that another time.)

I'm planning to go to Otakon this July/August. tainee told me about it. It's in Baltimore, MD, so I'll have to sit for...app. 4-6 hours to get there by car from where I live :D I might just go without cosplaying (to save the trouble!) or I might go as Yukimura Seiichi from TeniPuri. So if you're planning on going, look for a girl with glasses and black hair, or a Yukimura Seiichi (chin-length purple hair, yellow+black+white jacket (I think those are the colors for RikkaiDai...)...I'll add more details later once I find more info about him).

Happy Birthday to you...


Here is a "joined card" for you. I'm very sorry for its lack of inspiration...hope you enjoy.

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Jan. 1st, 2007


It just became 2007!

Merry Christmas, again!

Hey, hey, hey friends list, I told you I would come back with more, did I not?

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Kiba and...Tenten???

Ok, so my friend is going through an obsession with a really strange pairing.

Inuzuka Kiba and Tenten.

I asked her one day about Naruto pairings. I wanted to draw Kiba with someone, but with who? Hinata? I stink at drawing her, I can never get the hair. Shino? Didn't feel like drawing bugs. Kurenai? I can never get the hair. Akamaru? I stink at drawing dogs.

Guess what she said?


Tenten? Kiba and Tenten?

And so, after a few convos about the fangirlism of Kiba, I came to tell her: "Who actually deserves him? HINATA!" This is what she said:

But I thought we agreed that Kiba and Tenten sounded good...LOL
Yeah, I agree with the Hinata thing.

And so I replied:
Kiba and Tenten doesn't sound good. Did they interact? No...
Besides, Tenten can be with Lee or Neji.

And then she says:
Well I think that Kiba and Tenten sounds good. I know, no interaction but
who the heck cares?

I care.

I'm trying to tell her, Kiba and Tenten will never happen. Ever. It might in your imagination, but not in the Ninja world. Kiba's best with Hinata, and Tenten likes Neji or Lee. I don't know who.

I'm not trying to offend anyone with a KibaTen obsession just like my friend, but in my opinion, the pairing is crack. Crack. Meaning funny. Maybe I should tell her that.

Wow...a whole entry on the ways of my friend. Seeya later, all you KibaTen fans!